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Having played with, directed and recorded literally hundreds of the finest musicians from the UK and around the world, Mike is in a perfect position to 'fix' any size of ensemble for any type of work in virtually any location.

Whether you need a big band for a recording session, a harpist for a wedding reception, a classical pianist for a film set, or a gospel choir for a music video, Mike's huge portfolio of contacts - put together over 20 years - will probably cover any type of ensemble.

Mike will only ever supply musicians who are completely professional, fully competent, on time, easy to work with, presented appropriately and sounding absolutely amazing!!

Mike is also available as a Musical Director for any ensemble /event you have in mind. For more details contact Mike direct using the details on the 'contact' page.

Live musicians are a 'breed apart' - use one to fix one!
home composer pianist producer fixer children's contact

contact details:
Still Time Music, P.O.Box 27, Feltham, TW14 0YN, United Kingdom. +44(0)777 648 2452